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While stationed in Stavanger, command-sponsored dependents may choose from many schools, select the school option best suited to them and receive funding through the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP).

Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP)


NDSP supports and funds (yearly tuition) education of authorized command-sponsored dependents of military members and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees assigned to overseas areas where no DoDEA school is available within the commuting area. The DoDDS-Europe, NDSP has the responsibility to oversee the payment of an education allowance when space-required, tuition-free students must attend local schools where no Department of Defense Dependent School is available. This program is available to authorized command-sponsored dependents of military members and Department of Defense civilian employees assigned to overseas areas in Stavanger, Norway.


The School Liaison Program Manager (SLPM) is the primary point of contact between the military installation, families, the NDSP program, private schools, home school families, and the community at large. The SLPM connects these different partners to help improve education for our military families in the Stavanger, Norway area.


Parents must register each school-aged child into NDSP before arriving in Stavanger in order to receive full paid tuition funding. Please register by clicking on the link to the right (NDSP- registration). For first-time family enrollments or if adding a new dependent, it is required you register using the NDSP Student Online Registration system.


School Liaison Program Manager (SLPM)


Office: +47 5195 0506

DSN 314-224-0506

Special Education or Individual Education Program (IEP)


Children with special needs, speech/learning disabilities, or physical developmental disabilities must be pre-approved for acceptance by the school and medical aid station before arrival. Parents with children with special education needs or supports can schedule a confidential meeting via phone with the SLPM and/or the Medical Aide Station for support in navigating the EFMP screening process as well as the process for finding medical or educational providers in the area. 

Education Options

Parents may choose from a variety of education options while living in Stavanger to include:

- Local Public Schools

- Private International Schools

Home school

- Boarding School

It is strongly recommended to research ALL options available to your student(s) and contact the SLPM EARLY in your PCS process with any questions or concerns. 



For more information, please follow the links below:



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