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The 426 Community Center has multi-use facilities to meet the needs of the community. These facilities provide a friendly and inviting community space for our JWC community and support members.

A central place for recreation, information,  internet access, laundry operations, and a relaxing atmosphere for meetings. We offer a variety of programs and activities focusing on community building,  arts, life skills, and recreation & leisure through scheduled and self-directed activities.  These activities range from instructional classes to simply providing the space for the various groups and clubs on base.


The large multipurpose use room can be transformed into countless different setups to meet all your needs. You can also book the CAC Ballroom and kitchen, for your own private function or event. That could be for birthday parties, movie showings on the big screen, barbecues, or anything else you may need. We also offer community programming throughout the year for our JWC community.  Our larger ones include holiday events such as Easter, Joint American & Canadian National Day Celebration, Halloween Events, and a winter holiday event.  In addition to this, we also turn our ballroom into a movie theater for new movies, an art studio for painting classes, a kitchen for international cooking classes, an exercise room for total body workouts, and back into a community center to provide family game nights.


Our covered picnic space is suited to be used 365 days a year.  It has 12 picnic tables, lights, and heaters.


Equipped with five washer and dryers that are twice the size of the European standard, these American sized machines make quick work of your laundry.  Each machine runs for about 45 minutes and is operated by tokens.  Most of the machines only need one token to operate, with the exception being the extra large washer that requires two tokens.  The tokens cost $1.50 and can be purchased in the ODR Office.  There is also an extra large front-load washing machine for bigger items (comforters, duvets or bigger loads of clothes) that need to be washed, and the cost is $3 USD per load.  

The Laundry Room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there is a door code needed to enter the room, just stop by our office and ask for the door code.

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