Stavanger is located in the middle of fjord country on Norway's southwest coast and is known for its’ breath-taking scenery and moderate temperatures.  Because Stavanger is home to NATO and is also the hub of the North Sea petroleum industry, the city provides both a cosmopolitan and small-town feel. 

Our community in Stavanger consists of both military and civilians assigned to either the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), which is part of NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT), or the 426th Air Base Squadron (ABS) which is responsible for providing base level support to the JWC and DoD personnel assigned to Norway.

We encourage you to become involved in all the local community has to offer, and enjoy as much of the country as possible; we know your time in Norway will be an experience you will never forget. 


Stavanger /stəˈvæŋə/ (Norwegian pronunciation: [stɑˈʋɑŋər] is a town and municipality in Norway. The city is the third-largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway (through conurbation with neighboring Sandnes) and the administrative center of Rogaland county. The municipality is the fourth most populous in Norway. Located on the Stavanger Peninsula in Southwest Norway, Stavanger counts its official founding year as 1125, the year Stavanger cathedral was completed. Stavanger's core is to a large degree 18th- and 19th-century wooden houses that are protected and considered part of the city's cultural heritage. This has caused the town center and inner city to retain a small-town character with an unusually high ratio of detached houses, and has contributed significantly to spreading the city's population growth to outlying parts of Greater Stavanger.

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