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The Medical Aid Station (MAS) is staffed by one full-time Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT) and a Medical Patient Liaison. The IDMT serves as the primary care manager for all active duty US military but is not authorized to provide medical care for dependents. As a result, TRICARE provides a network of providers where all dependents (and active duty when necessary) receive acute and routine medical care within the local community.​

Please Remember the MAS is not an emergency or ambulance service for any condition warranting an ambulance call 113 a Norwegian ambulance will transfer you to the Stavanger University Hospital



There are many options for medical care within the local area to include the following: primary care, specialists, dental clinics, and acute care clinics.  All are available for use by American dependents stationed here in Stavanger, Norway. For more information on using local facilities and Tricare benefits, consult the Medical Patient Liaison at the 426 Air Base Squadron (ABS). The nearest USAFE medical facility is located on RAF Lakenheath. 


The IDMT will not provide medical care to family members. In order for a family member to be evaluated by a local provider, the family member must first contact International SOS (ISOS phone number 800-137-17). The medical situation will be assessed by a trained medical professional (physician or nurse).  An authorization for care will be issued as needed and deemed medically appropriate. Please ensure a copy of the authorization letter is taken with you to all appointments. Once at the scheduled appointment, be sure to sign and give the authorization to the provider before leaving the provider’s office. This is your form of payment! 

2010 - present



The Medical Patient Liaison is available to provide services to all active-duty members and their dependents. This member administers the TRICARE health benefits programs, provides information to beneficiaries, and assists with access to medical and dental care with providers as necessary.

All active-duty personnel and their dependents will be enrolled in TRICARE Overseas Prime. After arriving in Norway, active-duty members should report to the Medical Aid Station for assistance with TRICARE enrollment. Please be sure to review any exclusions of coverage by reading the TRICARE Manual or visiting the TRICARE websites. 

2010 - present


There are no U.S. Military Dental Clinics available on base. Local Norwegian clinics provide dental care for active-duty personnel and their dependents. All active duty are required to contact United Concordia Dental for authorization for the initial assessment. If additional treatment is recommended or needed, additional authorization is required. All family members requiring coverage must be enrolled through United Concordia. Dental appointments are made by calling the dental clinic directly. 



EFMP cases are handled on a case by case basis at your current duty location. All family members must be cleared through medical channels prior to your departure. Acceptance is determined on a case by case basis and is worked through the 48th Medical Group on RAF Lakenheath.



The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Overseas Program provides several important benefits: nutritious food that will contribute to a healthier diet, education on nutrition and proper diet, tips on how to prepare a balanced meal, nutrition, and health screening, and access to other resources to lead a healthy life. WIC Overseas is designed to provide additional nutritional food items to supplement other foods purchased by eligible beneficiaries.


Keep in mind even if you did not qualify for WIC in the states, this does not mean you are not qualified at this location. Please contact the MAS staff if you have any questions.​

Contact RAF Lakenheath WIC for more information and applications. Commercially +44 01638-52-1762 or DSN 226-1722. 

For more information, please visit WIC overseas website below
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